1796 Draped Bust Dollar


From the rare 1796 draped bust dollars there are six varieties.


A 1796 coin with small date and small Letters (Bolender One, Two and Three)
A 1796 coin with small date and large Letters (Bolender Four and Six)

A 1796 coin with large date and large Letters (Bolender Five)

Most of them are very scarce and some a rarity.


Some 1796 draped bust silver dollar coin facts.

  • Mintage: Circulation strikes: est. 72,920 / Proofs: none.
  • Designer: Robert Scot and John Eckstein (reverse).
  • Diameter: 39/40 mm.
  • Composition: Silver (90%) and Copper (10%).
  • Weight: 27.0 grams.
  • Mintmark: None.
  • Edge: Lettered ''HUNDRED CENTS ONE DOLLAR OR UNIT'' with various ornaments.

Here below are the images from an authentic and a counterfeit draped bust silver dollar coin, both showing the year 1796.


Authentic 1796 Silver Coin Counterfeit 1796 Coin
Obverse Side (Bolender 5) Obverse Side
1796 draped bust dollar Counterfeit 1796 draped bust dollar
When comparing both 1796 draped bust coins the following differences are easy to see on the counterfeit coin and not on the authentic coin.
  • The numbers are totally different.
  • The stars are 7 left and 6 right side but should be 8 and 7 stars.
  • The stars are too small of size compared to the authentic coin.
  • The type of letters are very different.
  • The hair from Anne Bingham is also totally different.
  • In general very soft details and slick surfaces.

Authentic 1796 Silver Coin

Counterfeit 1796 Coin

Reverse Side

Reverse Side


reverse side 1796 draped bust dollar

Reverse side counterfeit 1796 draped bust dollar

The counterfeit coin has a reverse side with a wrong eagle on it means the maker of it did not have a knowledge enough from the 1796 coins. Still there are counterfeit coins know from the year 1796 who come very close to the authentic ones.



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