1885 "Morgan" Trade Dollar


The real 1885 trade dollar was designed by William Barber and because only 5 proofs are made this coin is very rare and expensive to buy if for sale.


The counterfeit coin shown on this page was made by a Chinese who did not know much about coins as the obverse side on the authentic silver trade dollar coin has a liberty seated on it. Morgan dollars were made from the year 1878 till the year 1921. For this reason this coin is easy to recognize as a forgery, even if your not a coin expert.


In January 2006 an authentic 1885 Trade Dollar which was previously in the collection of legendary "King of Coins" banker, Louis E. Eliasberg Sr. was sold for $3.3 Million at an auction in Dallas, TX, USA.


Some 1885 Trade Dollar coin facts.

  • Mintage: Circulation strikes: 0 / Proofs: 5.
  • Designer: William Barber.
  • Diameter: 38.1 mm.
  • Composition: Silver (90%) and Copper (10%).
  • Weight: 27.2 grams.
  • Edge: Reeded.
  • Mintmark: Above the D from Dollar.  (None for Philadelphia)

Here below are the images from a 1885 trade dollar and a counterfeit morgan trade dollar, both showing the year 1885.


1885 Silver Trade Dollar Coin Counterfeit 1885 Trade Dollar Coin
Obverse Side Obverse Side
1885 trade dollar counterfeit morgan 1885 trade dollar
When comparing both 1885 trade dollar coins we do not have to mention the differences here as they are totally different on the obverse side.


1885 Silver Trade Dollar Coin

Counterfeit 1885 Trade Dollar

Reverse Side

Reverse Side


1885 trade dollar reverse

Counterfeit morgan trade dollar from 1885

The reverse side of the counterfeit 1885 trade dollar was also of poor quality

(slick surface) and you can see a damaged top layer at the letter E where the copper layer, which is below the top layer on these forgeries, becomes visible.



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