Caring for your Silver Coin Collection.


Caring for silver coin collection should not be very difficult for anyone who is really into it. Of course, when you truly care for something, you donít mind going to great lengths just to make sure it is safe and well taken care of, right? Well then, caring for your precious silver coin collection would surely come as a breeze.

To preserve your precious silver coins, store them in Intercept Shield boxes and holders. This plastic case will protect your coins from scratches and any substance that may compromise the value of your coins. If you have no shield holders yet, you must follow the following guidelines to protect your coins.

The most basic thing Ė Cleanliness and orderliness. Always keep your hobby area neat and tidy. Donít talk or eat on the same table where you put your coins. Saliva and food oils or residue can lead to carbon spots, corrosions, and discolorations. Unless necessary, avoid touching your coins. But if you really have to, make sure that you have washed your hands clean and have dried it off thoroughly. Be sure thereís no sticky gum, or oily peanut butter, that you could transfer to the coin you will hold. And though you donít have any of these in your hands, you must still wash them right before handling your coin to wash off natural oil or sweat.


This will also ensure that there are no bacteria on your hand when you handle your coin. The human hand is the most effective conduit of bacteria. It carries and transfers bacteria all the time without us realizing it. And these bacteria and oil can ruin your coins with discoloration, or corrosion. This will downgrade your coinís value. So, if it can be helped, avoid touching your coins altogether.


Even better is to wear deluxe cotton gloves after you washed your hands.

Any store that sells coin boxes does also sell these gloves, so order them too.

Now, if you really have to handle your coin, you must always hold it by the edge. Never ever hold it by pressing on both the reverse and obverse sides. Sometimes fingerprints can leave a permanent impression on the coin and thereby, devaluating your coins. Now, during examination of coins you have recently acquired, put a felt paper on the table where you will lay your coins down.

The felt paper will protect your coins from scratches, especially if you accidentally drop them on the table. Even if your coins are sonically sealed, these plastic holders can still crack open. A single dent or scratch can mark the difference between $1,000.00 and $10,000.00. Now we donít want that for our coins, do we?