Coin Collecting References


Nothing beats having good references in whatever you are planning to do. In any endeavor, it pays to do your homework by researching and equipping yourself with valuable knowledge. This habit will put you right on track.

The same goes with coin collecting. Before you make any purchase, especially large ones, you must first acquaint yourself in the hobby. There are a lot of references available on the internet Ė you will find here feature articles, magazines, books, and even e-books about coin collecting. These references will help you understand what youíre getting into and how are you going to get the most out of it. And even if you are already an old-timer in the hobby, you still need to look at these references from time to time so you will be updated with the latest on coin collection. Of course, you will want to learn of new discoveries, upcoming coin collecting events, and price trend.

When going to a coin show, a coin collection guide book would come in handy as a quick reference on the coins that you will see in the show. You can bring your book to the show and consult with it every time you see a coin that interests you. This will help you decide in making your purchase later on.

Coin collecting references also make a nice display in your living room and can be a source of inspiration for those who are not into the hobby yet. If you have kids at home, it would be a great way to rouse their interest in such a fine and classy hobby. There are also coin collecting books for kids, which are more colorful and more appealing to kids. Having coin collecting references in your house will also complement your coin collection for when you show your collection to visitors. It can help you explain and give a better understanding of your fascination in coin collecting.

If you donít know any coin collecting reference books, here are some titles that you can find in bookstores and online stores such as

  • Ancient Coin Collecting
  • Ancient Coin Collecting II: Numismatic Art of the Greek World
  • Ancient Coin Collecting III: The Roman World-Politics and Propaganda
  • Ancient Coin Collecting IV: Roman Provincial Coins
  • Ancient Coin Collecting V: The Romanion/Byzantine Culture

These 5 Ancient Coin Collecting books are all written by Wayne G. Sayles.

  • Coin Collecting for Dummies by Ron Guth
  • Coin Collecting for Kids by Steve Otfinoski and Jack Graham
  • Coin Collector's Survival Manual by Scott A. Travers
  • New York Times Guide to Coin Collecting, The by Ed Reiter
  • One-Minute Coin Expert by Scott A. Travers
  • Planning Your Rare Coin Retirement by David L. Ganz
  • Statehood Quarters Collecting Kit by Whitman Coin Products
  • Those Amazing Coins: A kids guide to coin collecting by R. Volpe & K. Flynn
  • U.S. Rare Coin Handbook by Les and Sue Fox
  • Whitman Guide to Coin Collecting, The by Kenneth Bressett
  • Comprehensive Catalog and Encyclopedia of U.S. Coins, The by Coin World: edited by Brad Reed

There are also lots of magazines and newsletters about coin collecting. You can also find them on the internet.