Making Money Selling Coins


“Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” This is my favorite maxim in life. And it is so true. If you are doing what you love doing, you don’t necessarily consider it work. For you, it’s actually leisure. So if you are going to do what you love doing and do it for a living, then technically, you are not working at all. If anything, you are playing…enjoying yourself!

Happily successful people are those who follow their hearts and go for the work field that they love. Take note that the key phrase here is “happily successful”. Some people can be successful but not necessarily happy. These are the people with wealth and power but are still unhappy because they don’t really like what they are doing for a living. Their hearts are not in it, that’s why. So, maybe the best job in the world for a person is whatever his hobby is. Especially, if your hobby is as attractive and as lucrative as coin collecting!

Why coin collecting? Well, simply because coins, whether they be silver or gold, never fail to dazzle the eyes of people; especially, business-minded people. Their eyes sparkle with dollar signs at the sight of these shiny, shimmering metals. For centuries, silver and gold has been the object of desire and envy for many people. Wars were fought and lives were sacrificed just to be in possession and control of massive amounts of these two precious metals. These are the kinds of assets that appreciate value over time. The older they get, the more valuable they become. Most especially if they are of a rare kind and still in mint condition. So what can be more enjoyably profitable than buying, collecting and selling gold and silver coins?

Either you may already have a small collection, which you have inherited from your grandparents, or you are just about to start, or thinking of collecting coins, that’s why you are reading this article. Well, whatever your reason is, you are on the right track. Collecting silver or gold coins can be the hobby that will serve as your ticket to an income-generating pastime. A hobby that you will undoubtedly enjoy at the same time. You may start rummaging that dusting old treasure chest and start making money!

But of course, you have to know how, when and where to put your money on. Collecting coins for profit is very much the same as buy and sell or real estate business. It is knowing and buying the things or properties that will appreciate value in the near future. Knowing the right to buy, the right time to buy it and the right time to sell can get you very far. Same goes with collecting coins, silver or gold.

As a coin collector, you should do your homework before making any purchase. There are fakes out there that can get you burned if you don’t know how to distinguish them from the genuine. You might end up buying them unwittingly and try to sell them, only to find out they’re fake. Not only did you lose your money, you might also lose the trust of your customer who might think you are trying to scam them.