Start Collecting Silver Coins


Only a handful of people have a penchant for collecting silver coins and a much lesser number of people can actually afford the hobby. Collecting silver coin can really be expensive. The coins, for one, are already pricey. Not to mention the cost of its maintenance. This is why beautiful and rare silver coin collections are more often found in the mansions of very wealthy people than in the middle-class individuals.

However, a true-blue enthusiast cannot be deterred from his passion. Not even budget can stop someone from collecting things that he loves. Same thing, even with collecting expensive silver coins. If you are someone who is fascinated with silver coins but you think you don’t have the budget for it, fear no more.

The key is in starting small.

As they always say, great things start from small beginnings. You may begin your collection from an inheritance or even from a single coin given by a friend. You have to begin somewhere, right? Then you can hit some local coin shops to look for coins worth adding to your collections. But as I’ve said, start small. Don’t buy expensive ones on a whim. You might get scammed and pay way more than the coin is worth. You wouldn’t want a bad experience that may be traumatic to you and your inexperienced heart. Yes, there are also predators in this business. For some, collecting coins is just a hobby. But to some, it’s business.

So be wary When you have collected a few of these precious metals, you will want to have some place to keep them. Somewhere safe—from burglars and accidents, as well. By accidents I mean, misplacing it, or scratching it with something. A simple box is good enough for newbies. Although as you get deeply involved with your collection, you will surely want a more sophisticated storage. Believe me. You will grow to love your coins like they’re your baby once you get hooked to it. Like all other hobbies, it is kind of addictive.

Since you have only just begun, you may not have an idea yet how your collection is going to be. And you could just go haywire buying everything you see. So you may want to think of some coin categories for your collection. This will help you focus on the silver coins that you want to collect and you will not end up buying coins that doesn’t have a place in your collection.


You already have one category, Silver. You are collecting only silver coins. You are not interested in gold so you only buy silver. You may want to consider the country, the date of minting, images and so on. You can narrow down your collection as you want it. Just follow your categories and everything else will follow…