Types of Coin Collectors


Coin collecting, although branded as the hobby of the Kings due to its expensive nature, has gained considerable popularity over the years. In fact, it has even attracted the younger generation of hobbyist. Nowadays, coin collectors come in

all gender, age, size and nationality.

There are several types of coin collectors depending on how you want to categorize them. One way to categorize them is by how they become collectors in the first place.

If they found and saved notable coins by mere chance, they are called the casual coin collectors. They might have started by saving a loose change from a trip abroad or getting an interesting old coin randomly from circulation and from there, started collecting.

If a coin collector started his collection from an inheritance, then hes called the inheritor coin collector. His gramps or grams probably left him a vast collection of coins and he finds himself loving it. Then he starts adding to the collection, or he may simply keep it for display or as an heirloom to pass to the next generation.

If the collector started collecting because he read it from a book, or saw it from somewhere and got him interested, then hes the knowing collector. He saw, learned and deliberately started collecting coins.

Another way of categorizing collectors is by their motivation for collecting coins.
If the motivation is to make profits out of the collection, hes a professional coin collector. This one does his homework diligently and learns everything he can and keeps himself updated especially about coin prices and trends. Hes quite an expert in grading coins and knowing how much its worth

If the motivation is investment for the future, then hes an investor collector.

This type is always on the look-out for rare and valuable coins. They target coins that they know would increase its value over time and then sell it when the time is right.

Now, if the collector collects mainly for personal entertainment or pleasure, then hes a hobbyist. He doesnt necessarily care for money or profit out of the collection. He simply enjoys collecting and learning about the history behind the coin or the place where it came from. He simply loves looking at those shining shimmering and sparkling silver and gold. Or he just loves the mystery of old and antique coins. Collecting itself is already the prize he gets for spending money on the collection.

These are but a couple of ways to categorize coin collectors. Others may be defined by their choices or preferences of coins. But that is another topic or

subject altogether for another article about coin collectors.