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To get an overview on all counterfeit American dollars listed on this site we have created this page with all American dollar counterfeits on it. Because the number of coin forgeries who are listed here will grow soon this page will be useful as a sub-navigation page or a sort of American dollar forgeries site-map.


1796 Draped Bust Dollar forgery

Counterfeit 1796 Draped Bust Dollar


A counterfeit from a very rare silver dollar coin. This counterfeit is from Chinese origin and most of these fake dollar coins can be recognized by the slick details.

Click on the coin picture to read more about this counterfeit coin dated 1796.

Counterfeit 1799 Trade Dollar   Counterfeit 1799 Trade Dollar


This counterfeit is very unique as in the 1799 no trade dollars where made. For this reason it's also easy to recognize as a cheap Chinese forgery and you should not be a coin expert to be able to see it. More detailed information about this counterfeit coin can be found by clicking on the counterfeit 1799 trade dollar picture.

counterfeit 1804 Draped Bust Dollar

Counterfeit 1804 Draped Bust Dollar


This a Chinese counterfeit dollar from the famous 1804 draped bust dollar, also named as the Dexter dollar.

The is a story about a ship that has sunk on the way to Europe with many of these silver coins dated 1804 on board to pay the soldiers in Africa. Click on the coin for

more details about the Dexter dollar.

1862 Liberty Seated Dollar forgery

Counterfeit 1862 Liberty Seated Dollar


A Chinese forgery from the 1862 liberty seated dollar coin.

slick details are again the trademark from this 1862 counterfeit dollar. A real coin from this year would be very expensive as during the American civil war many of these coins where melted. Click on the forgery for more details about the 1862 liberty seated dollar.

counterfeit 1876 Trade Dollar

Counterfeit 1876 Trade Dollar


I do not know actually why there are American dollar forgeries made with this year on it as the 1876 trade dollar isn't that special but it could be to get less noticed. Anyway there are plenty American trade dollar coins from 1876 available on various online markets. Click on the trade dollar image for more details about this Chinese forgery.

American 1885 Morgan Dollar counterfeit

Counterfeit 1885 Morgan Dollar


Counterfeit morgan dollars can be found in big numbers as I have 3 of these counterfeit dollar coins listed on this site. The all have the same slick surface and flat details so for an expert easy to recognize as a counterfeit. Some morgan dollars from specific years are very scarce.

Click the dollar image for more coin details.

1885 Morgan O Dollar Counterfeit - New Orleans

Counterfeit 1885 Morgan O Dollar


This counterfeit dollar has the mintmark O on it so normally it would have been struck in New Orleans, USA. But this counterfeit comes also from China as all the others here.

From the authentic 1885 Morgan there where 9,185,000 silver dollars made. Click the counterfeit dollar image for more detailed information about this 1885 dollar coin.

counterfeit 1885 Trade Dollar

Counterfeit 1885 Trade Dollar


If not a fake coin it would be worth a fortune as lately an authentic 1885 trade dollar was sold at an auction for $3.3 million dollars. For this reason there are coin collectors who are collecting counterfeits from these years because the real coin is to exclusive to buy. Click on the counterfeit 1885 trade dollar image for more detailed information.

1894 Counterfeit Morgan Dollar - New Orleans

Counterfeit 1894 Morgan Dollar - Mintmark "O"


This counterfeit dollar was different than the other we have because this fake dollar coin has been made from one piece metal. This metal could be a mix of metals but the coin is not copper with silver plates on the sides.

If you like to know more information about the 1894 morgan dollar with mintmark O then click the US dollar coin.

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