King Hormizd II Silver Drachm - Sassanian


This silver drachm coin has been made between 302 to 309 A.D. during the persian Sassanian dynasty of Hormizd II, King of Persia. The Sassanian dynasty did began in the year 208 A.D. with King Papak and lasted untill 651 A.D. with King Yazdagird the third, when Persia was overrun by Arab Islam conquest that year. The name King Hormizd is also many times (wrong) spelled as King Hormazd.


The problem with identifying ancient coins like these as a counterfeit coin is because many collectors never saw an authentic one before. Its also true that mostly tourists who went to an arabian country thought they bought something

with a high value but coming home with a forgery, close to finding this page.

Some King Hormizd II Silver Drachm coin facts.

  • Obverse: Head of King Homizd II, Sassanid Dynasty AD 302 to 309.
  • Reverse: Fire altar flanked by 2 attendants.
  • Diameter: 25.5 x 26.0 mm.
  • Composition: Silver.
  • Weight: 3.62 grams.
  • Mintmark: None.
  • Date: None.

Here below are the images shown from an authentic King Hormizd II, 302 to 309 A.D. silver drachm and a Hormizd the second forgery.


Authentic Hormizd II Silver Drachme Counterfeit Hormizd II Drachme
Obverse Side Obverse Side
King Hormizd 2 silver drachm - 302 to 309 A.D. Counterfeit King Hormizd 2 drachm
The obverse side of the Hormizd II silver drachm does show the head of King Hormizd wearing his distinctive eagle headdress and a inscription with his name around. When comparing the authentic silver drachm and the counterfeit drachm the following differences can be seen.
  • The inscription is not the same on the counterfeit Hormizd drachm.
  • The counterfeit drachm has a very slick surface even with much details.

King Hormizd the 2nd Drachme

Counterfeit Hormizd 2 Drachme

Reverse Side

Reverse Side


King Hormizd 2 silver drachm reverse

King Hormizd 2 drachm forgery

The reverse side of the King Hormizd the 2nd silver drachm shows a fire altar flanked by the two attendants, with the bust of Ahuramazda in the flames.

The Sassanid inscription on the left and right side of the silver drahm does say





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