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On this page we have created a little overview from the authentic silver dollars we have listed on this site. Because the number of listed silver US dollars on this website will grow to a larger number this page can be used as a sub-navigation page or a sort of US dollar site-map.


1796 Draped Bust Dollar

1796 Draped Bust Dollar


This draped bust dollar is a nice silver coin to collect but very expensive to buy. There are in total six varieties of

this silver coin and they are named Bolender one to six.

Most of these are very scarce and some even a rarity.

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1804 Draped Bust Dollar - Dexter Dollar

1804 Draped Bust Dollar - Dexter Dollar


The Dexter dollar, named after James V. Dexter, was purchased by him in 1885 from S.H. and H. Chapman, Jr. He started a lawsuit against them to prove that his coin genuine. The lawsuit ended with an affidavit signed by officials of the U.S. Mint stated that his dollar is genuine.

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1862 Liberty Seated Dollar

1862 Liberty Seated Dollar


The 1862 liberty seated dollar is a very rare dollar to collect and the reason for this is the American civil war, which lasted from the year 1861 till 1865. Gold and silver was very scarce and from the silver dollars that where struck that year many where melted.

1876 Silver Trade Dollar

1876 Silver Trade Dollar


An 1876 silver dollar is an easy to collect dollar as there are still plenty of such dollars available at various auctions.  The proofs are sold for prices around $3000 and the ones of less quality sell at prices all can afford. For more info about the 1876 silver trade dollar you just have click the dollar image to see the full detailed 1876 dollar page.

American 1885 Morgan Dollar

1885 Morgan Silver Dollar


The Morgan coin does own his name from his designer, George T. Morgan. The Morgan dollars where made from the year 1878 till 1921. Most years are easy to collect because there are numerous coins of it. Other years are very scarce and very expensive to buy. Just click the Morgan dollar picture for more details about this coin.

1885 Morgan O Silver Dollar - New Orleans

1885 Morgan O Silver Dollar


This coin, also a coin designed by George T. Morgan has the mintmark O, which means that this coin has been struck in New Orleans city.  (A great American city with a long history and I hope also a great future after what happened)) Click on the picture for more information about the American 1885 Morgan O silver dollar.

1885 Trade Dollar

1885 Silver Trade Dollar


One of the rarest coins of this planet would be the best way to describe the 1885 trade dollar. Designed by William Barber and with only five proofs struck it is the rarest coin.

In January 2006 an authentic 1885 Trade Dollar was sold for $3.3 Million at an auction in Dallas, Texas, USA.

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1894 Morgan Dollar - Mintmark: O, New Orleans

1894 Morgan Dollar - Mintmark "O"


The 1894 morgan dollar with the mintmark O struck in New Orleans is one of the favorite collectable coins for many coin collectors. They are plenty, in good quality and not expensive to purchase. More details on the 1894 morgan dollar page by clicking on the coin itself.

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